Minase is produced in Akita, Japan. Craftsmen with master skills continue to produce with passion today under the motto "Creating products that can still be talked about 100 years from now".

Minase Collections

Experience the striking interplay of sharp edges against a pristine, reflective mirror surface. Each timepiece embodies the meticulous artistry of skilled craftsmen. Discover a timeless elegance to cherish for generations. Minase—Japanese watches destined to be treasured for more than 100 years.

DIVIDO is a timepiece with a sharp edge and a three-dimensionality that transcends preconceived notions, created by dividing the case into upper and lower sections and four lugs. It is the iconic piece of the HiZ series, with its Sallaz polishing on all surfaces and edges, a Minase Original Rebuilding Equation (MORE) structured metal bracelet, and case-in-case construction.
Minase celebrates Japan's rich heritage of traditional crafts by collaborating with Urushi masters to create exquisite dials that embody the pure essence of Japanese artistry.
The case-in-case structure encapsulates time like a microcosm. Five sapphire glass windows on the windshield, back lid, and case sides reveal the impressive solidity and massiveness of the dial plate. These views resemble the serene, ever-changing beauty of a Japanese garden seen through a sliding paper door or circular window, capturing the delicate essence of time's passage.
The watch's innovative case-in-case design creates a captivating three-dimensional dial with a finely textured finish. This intricate dial is visible through large openings on the front, the case back, and seven strategically placed sapphire glass windows around the casing. The play of light passing through these seven panels creates mesmerizing brilliance and shifting shades, evolving with every angle and moment, resulting in an extraordinarily beautiful and truly unique timepiece.
Horizon embodies the concept of an endless horizon, showcased through its distinctive features. The watch boasts a remarkably curved dome windshield crafted from solid sapphire glass, cut and polished to perfection. This design evokes the tension and fluidity of a water surface when viewed from the side. Additionally, the stately hollow on the case's side resembles the elegance of a Japanese sword, juxtaposing subtle yet bold Japanese beauty against the satin-finished surface.
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