Chopard Alpine Happy Sport (25mm)

A timepiece for women who stride boldly towards their destiny and whose vitality impels playful dancing diamonds to stage a mesmerising show.

Date April 12, 2023
Author Sincere Watch

Chopard Alpine Happy Sport (25mm) 3

Happy Sport – 25 mm

The watchmaking icon expresses its Joie de Vivre in a new size

A timepiece for women who stride boldly towards their destiny and whose vitality impels playful dancing diamonds to stage a mesmerising show. At the heart of the new Happy Sport, reinvented in a 25 mm diameter case in Lucent Steel™ or Lucent Steel™ and ethical gold, the course of dancing diamonds becomes even more fascinating. This new-sized iteration of the Manufacture’s iconic watch comes in seven variations featuring a choice of materials, colours and straps – including a new double tour option – and diamond settings.

Chopard Alphine Happy Sport (25mm)

Admiring the path of time

A round dial, softly caressing like a protective cocoon and sparkling like a champagne bubble. A fascinating and soothing sight in which we come to immerse our gaze and catch our breath before setting off again on our hectic rush. A companion always on hand to provide playful, poetic time-out from the pace of a world perpetually on the move.

One glance at this watch reveals an invigorating mirror of our own energy, extended through the ballet of five dancing diamonds, caught up by means of a slim gold spinning top in a wonderful game of chance and kinetic energy. Happy Sport is the story of a free-spirited attitude and infinite Joie de Vivre daily reinvented by women everywhere.

A miniature case for an everlasting dance

The Happy Sport watch returns in a version that is daintier than ever with a 25 mm case celebrating the spirit of jewellery watches and staging the wonders of five dancing diamonds. The softness of the pearly silvery grey, blue, pink and green dials draw the gaze and envelop it in an ultra-chic chromatic texture. This subtle shade accentuates the jewel-like quality of the collection, forming a luminous heart that is an inexhaustible source of soothing gentleness where the eye can come to recharge its batteries at will.

This Happy Sport 25 mm has retained several of the collection’s key characteristics, including the deliberate association of materials belonging to radically different registers: Lucent Steel™, ethical gold and diamonds. Thus unleashed, diamonds are rendered more accessible while losing nothing of their magic and their fascination.

Seven versions of this unprecedentedly sized case – the most miniature version of the Happy Sport ever produced – are available: in fully polished Lucent Steel™ – Chopard’s exclusive alloy made of 80% recycled materials – or adorned with a diamond-set bezel; and in steel featuring a crown, cabochons and polished or diamond-set bezel in ethical 18-carat rose gold.

A double tour strap: bold style

On the non-gemset versions, a magnificent double-tour leather strap adds an ultra-chic touch to the Happy Sport. Every inch the daring fashion accessory, this slim, elongated band graces the wrist by reinventing the watch in a manner simply unprecedented within this collection as it prolongs the motion of the dancing diamonds through a light aesthetic touch.

A splendid midnight blue shade has been chosen to enhance most versions of this strap: a celestial colour echoing the traditional sapphire adorning the crown and reaffirming the legitimacy of the collection’s classic design codes, adjusted to the most contemporary chromatic palette. Teamed with Lucent Steel™ and ethical gold, this sultry shade adds an incredibly stylish accent to any look. The pink and green dial versions have matching strap colours.

Finally, the two versions featuring a diamond-set bezel are fitted with a timelessly elegant alligator leather strap, also in midnight blue.

Chopard Alpine Happy Sport (25mm) 1

Infinite creativity

The purity of this 25 mm model reveals a new facet of the Happy Sport’s eminently versatile essence. Since its inception, the spirit of the collection has been expressed through multiple shapes and variations echoing the spirit of freedom in which it was conceived.

A true style icon, Happy Sport has been playing the mix & match game since 1993, freely combining genres, steel and diamonds, the timeless and the ephemeral. Its visionary and avant-garde designer Caroline Scheufele designed a beautiful watch that was anything but formal.  Sophisticated, yet sporty. Unburdened by conventions, joyful, playful and so very modern, it plays with codes while losing nothing of its femininity. Accompanying the movements of the world, the evolutions of style as well as inner transformations, Happy Sport paves the way for infinite metamorphoses, whisking along in its merry whirl a world on the move (and a work in progress): that of women’s emancipation. “Be Happy”, like a talisman on the wrist.

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