Grand Opening of SHH flagship boutique in Taiwan

Nestled within the iconic Taipei 101 tower,

Sincere Fine Watches debuts its latest flagship

SHH boutique in Taiwan.

Date March 15, 2024
Author Sincere Watch
Sincere Fine Watches’ newest flagship boutique – SHH in Taiwan – has opened in the iconic Taipei 101, and is poised to redefine the luxury retail experience for watch collectors in Taiwan.

Sincere Fine Watches proudly announces its latest addition of its SHH (Sincere Haute Horlogerie) flagship boutique in Taiwan. This remarkable addition not only brings the pinnacle of independent watchmaking to the heart of Taipei, but also marks a significant stride in Sincere’s strategic expansion into the region. Solidifying its legacy as Asia’s Premier Watch Specialist, SHH is poised to continue redefining luxury retail experiences, catering to the discerning tastes of Taiwan’s aficionados.

The opening of this newest SHH boutique further solidifies the brand’s commitment to offering more than just watches; it’s about curating a journey into the realm of horological excellence. Taiwan was selected as the next market to establish an SHH presence, in large part due to the enormous potential for watch collecting in this market. The question of where to set up the SHH boutique was also a strategic move that had to be carefully considered. Eventually, the Taipei 101 Shopping Centre was identified to be the perfect location for the boutique to operate in. This globally renowned landmark attracts tourists and business travelers from all around the world and boasts a carefully curated list of tenants that are all at the pinnacle of their respective industries – thus further establishing SHH to be at the forefront of independent watchmaking.

With its prime location in Taipei 101 and its dedication to showcasing the finest in independent watchmaking, SHH is poised to become a beacon of luxury in Taiwan’s thriving landscape.

SHH in Taiwan aims to become a beacon of luxury in Taipei, as it seeks to continue redefining luxury retail experiences.

The History of SHH

The history of SHH dates back to 2005, where the former boutique operated at the Hilton Hotel in Singapore. Back then, the appreciation and acceptance of independent brands was in its infancy. Over the years, as independent watchmaking flourished, what was once on the margins of awareness of watch collectors has now come to the forefront in the present day – partly due to the efforts of retailers like Sincere Haute Horlogerie in not just being a beacon and cheerleader of independent watchmaking but an educator in the details of what they are all about.

SHH was relaunched back in 2022, when the inaugural boutique in Singapore started operations in September 2022. SHH has since expanded across the region, first into Bangkok, then Kuala Lumpur and now Taipei.

In 2021, Cortina Holdings made the strategic move of acquiring Sincere Fine Watches, recognizing a significant gap in the market. This gap was twofold: an escalating demand for deeper experiences with independent watch brands, and a growing sophistication among collectors in Asia. The inaugural step to relaunch the retail concept was the unveiling of the SHH boutique in Singapore in September 2022. Since then, this retail concept has rapidly expanded across the region, with subsequent launches in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and now Taipei. 


The new 1,900-square-foot flagship boutique has been designed to echo existing SHH boutiques in the region, to be a sanctuary for the celebration of independent watchmaking. Just as the watches on display tend to the level of art, so too should the environment in which they are showcased. Mirroring the visual aesthetics of other SHH boutiques, SHH in Taiwan incorporates the same warm copper earth tones, mirrored surfaces and multi-layered visual elements. The overall effect of this design is one that is inviting and exudes an air of vibrant sophistication.

SHH in Taiwan incorporates a similar theme in its design as its regional counterparts, exuding an air of vibrant sophistication.

Main Display Area 

Upon entering the boutique, visitors are immediately welcomed with a large central island, one that has ample space for exclusive brands to showcase their array of timepieces. Lining the wall on the right side of the main area are five podium capsules, showcasing a rotating selection of the rarest horological highlights on offer. Moving to the other side of the boutique is the left wall of the main area, which is dedicated to a selection of brands with larger collections, with each having a dedicated interactive digital panel which boutique patrons can peruse for more detailed information about the brand and its collections.

The private lounge is an exclusive area of the boutique that will be a new focal point for collectors to interact and indulge their passion.

Private Lounge 

Similar to its regional counterparts, the SHH boutique in Taiwan has its own private lounge, which is fully equipped with its own dedicated bar. This space is one that encourages clients to ‘decelerate’ amidst the flurry of activities in the heart of Taipei City, providing collectors the privacy to view their selected timepieces in a spacious and comfortable environment. The private lounge also doubles as a multifunctional space that may be used for hosting intimate gatherings or VIP meetings with brand principals in attendance and will be a new focal point for collectors to interact and indulge their passion. 

14 Launch Brands 

SHH in Taiwan will proudly launch with the following brands, all chosen for their unique attributes and outstanding craftsmanship: Angelus, Arnold & Son, Bovet, Christiaan van der Klaauw, CVSTOS, Fabergé, Franck Muller, H. Moser & Cie., Hautlence, Jacob & Co., Louis Moinet, and Parmigiani Fleurier.

Additionally, Sincere Fine Watches welcomes two new brands into the portfolio – GENUS and Lederer – as they make their exclusive debut in the new SHH boutique in Taiwan.

In total, there will be 14 brands that will be part of the launch of SHH in Taiwan, with more to come in the future.

Commemorative SHH Editions 

In commemoration of the official opening of SHH in Taiwan, two exclusive SHH Editions have been announced.

These include the Christiaan van der Klaauw CVDK Planetarium Eise Eisinga Titanium SHH Edition (8-piece limited edition) and the Louis Moinet Memoris Meteorite SHH Edition (12-piece limited edition).

Boutique Location

The new boutique is located on the second floor of Taipei 101 Mall.

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