Grand Opening of SHH Pendulum in Bangkok

Unveiling the intricacies and wonders of independent watchmaking, Sincere Fine Watches launches SHH Pendulum in Bangkok, Thailand.

Date September 7, 2023
Author Sincere Watch


Pendulum Ltd., a subsidiary of the Sincere Group is proud to announce the launch of SHH Pendulum – a new concept boutique at the prestigious Siam Paragon shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand.

SHH Pendulum is a continuation of a new retail concept pioneered last year by Sincere Fine Watches in Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and was designed to elevate the high-end watch retail experience, introducing new elements to delight the visual, tactile, and emotional senses of our clients.

Based on the welcoming response that the Singapore boutique has received, from watch brands to clients, and the media, SHH is proud to continue the expansion of this new boutique concept throughout Asia, with the second landmark launch for the new SHH Pendulum in Bangkok, Thailand.

Following the success of the Singapore boutique, SHH Pendulum marks the concept’s first foray and expansion into the regional market.

SHH Pendulum – a bold design and new vision

The new concept boutique has been designed to be a sanctuary for the celebration of independent watchmaking. The best watches in the world have often been compared to art, and rightly so, since their design and production involve the highest levels of precision and craftsmanship, so too should the environment in which they are showcased.

Subtle variations of warm copper earth tones are the dominant color theme of the interior design, and these are set off against areas of reflective mirrored surfaces mostly along the upper edges of the ceiling. The overall effect is inviting, yet multi-layered in visual interest, and overall, exudes an air of vibrant sophistication.

The overall space is divided into three main areas. Coming through the main entrance, the first highlight on display is a large island in the middle that is meant for pieces from exclusive brands with ample space for the display of accompanying objects and materials that help to augment and enhance the understanding of the watches.

The design and layout of SHH have been carefully considered to ensure that a variety of display showcases cater to the various independent brands housed.

Moving to the second room towards the left, we find five wall podium capsules with a rotating selection of the rarest horological highlights on offer. Facing these on the right wall are six dedicated spaces devoted to a selection of brands with larger collections, with each having a dedicated interactive digital panel from which boutique patrons can peruse detailed information.

The private lounge is a key feature of the boutique, as it provides collectors with a relaxing space to enjoy and examine the timepieces in detail.

The inclusion of the private lounge was an important feature of the new concept boutique that was deemed necessary right from the very beginning given the nature of exquisite timepieces, whose enjoyment comes from the close examination of their details.

Here, clients and collectors will be able to use the private lounge to view their selected timepieces in comfort and privacy, with the added convenience of a dedicated wine bar for beverages. Furthermore, the private lounge is also a space that will be used for hosting intimate gatherings or press meetings with brand principals in attendance and will be a new focal point for collectors to interact and indulge their passion.

A new chapter begins of a continuing journey – the raison d’être of the new SHH

The goal of Sincere Haute Horlogerie, when it was first established in 2005 in Singapore, was to be a champion for the watches of independent brands, and to be a place where collectors could experience rarely seen brands in person.

Over the years, independent watchmaking has flourished, and what was once on the margins of awareness of watch collectors has come to the forefront in the present day, partly due to the efforts of retailers like Sincere Haute Horlogerie in not just being a beacon and cheerleader of independent watchmaking but an educator in the details of what they are all about.

In response to the increasing sophistication of collectors in Asia and the increasing demand for more depth in the experience of independent brands, the new SHH boutique concept will elevate the established reputation of Sincere Haute Horlogerie, and offer a purer experience, raising the bar for the quality of the retail experience for watch collectors.

The mission to advance the level of horological education and appreciation will continue through the creation of exclusive events for collectors with rare opportunities to meet and interact with the watchmakers behind the brands, exclusive talks on specific types of complications and the history of watchmaking, and experiential sessions on watchmaking, movement decoration, and métiers d’art. These activities will underscore to new and experienced watch collectors alike, the differences between the philosophy of the independent versus mainstream brands and allow an in-depth appreciation of the efforts undertaken in making these objects of beauty, based on the one hand on the old traditions of horology, and on the other, a newly emerging future.

Further to this, with its strong relationship with the best brands and the unique boutique concept, SHH Pendulum will be the ideal platform for the creation of exclusive limited editions. Clients of SHH, who want something a little more special and differentiated from regular production models, will have the opportunity to acquire these pieces that will be designed in collaboration with the brands.

Said Mr. Ong Ban, CEO of Sincere Fine Watches: “As a premier watch specialist, we understand well the art of fine watchmaking since it is something that is deeply entrenched in our DNA. Because of this, we are proud to unveil the concept of SHH to watch collectors, since it is the highest expression of watch retail as it should be and as what we have always aspired to. With this new boutique concept launched in Bangkok, we hope to deliver to the sophisticated watch collector an even higher level of enjoyment for the craft, passion, and creativity of independent watchmaking.”

Mr. Antonio Calce, CEO, Executive Board Member, and shareholder of Greubel Forsey, congratulated the opening of SHH Pendulum, “Having been a long-time partner of Sincere Fine Watches, we are fully confident that the new SHH Pendulum boutique at Siam Paragon in Bangkok will be warmly welcomed by watch collectors in Thailand. We have always been struck by the horological sophistication of our clients in the Thai market and we believe that the new boutique will be an ideal location for them to enjoy the full experience of our timepieces in person. Here’s wishing Sincere Fine Watches the greatest success in their ongoing journey to solidify their status as a strong player in the high-end watchmaking retail in Asia!”

Mr. Laurent Ferrier, Founder of Laurent Ferrier, added to the new SHH Pendulum Boutique opening, “Laurent Ferrier is very excited about our new partnership with the SHH Pendulum Boutique in Bangkok. This collaboration provides us with a wonderful opportunity to exhibit our timepieces in an ideal environment. We have always been committed to crafting watches of the highest quality, and the discerning and cultured Thai consumer base truly understands and values our creations. We are thrilled to work with SHH Pendulum to bring our exceptional timepieces to this sophisticated market.

18 launch brands

SHH Pendulum has meticulously chosen the following brands for their unique attributes and outstanding craftsmanship. The following brands will be part of the launch of the new SHH Pendulum: Angelus, Armin Strom, Arnold & Son, Christiaan van der Klaauw, Blancpain, Breguet, Credor, Cvstos, Czapek, Ferdinand Berthoud, Greubel Forsey, Grönefeld, H. Moser & Cie., Jacob & Co., Lang & Heyne, Laurent Ferrier, Louis Moinet and Moritz Grossmann.

In total, there will be 18 brands that will be part of the launch of SHH Pendulum, with more to come in the future as discoveries are made in the rarefied and always-changing world of independent watchmaking.

Commemorative SHH Editions

(From L to R): The Christiaan van der Klaauw CVDK Planetarium Eise Eisinga Black DLC SHH Edition, Lang & Heyne Georg SHH Edition II, and Cvstos Metropolitan PS Skeleton Sapphire SHH Edition are the three limited edition timepieces that have been launched to commemorate the grand opening of SHH Pendulum.

In commemoration of the official opening of SHH Pendulum, three exclusive SHH Editions have been announced alongside the grand opening. The first piece is the Christiaan van der Klaauw CVDK Planetarium Eise Eisinga Black DLC SHH Edition. A previous winner of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG), the 8 pieces created for this highly limited run will be the only timepieces that come with a stainless steel black DLC case. Read more here.

Next, we have the second collaboration between Lang & Heyne and SHH. The 12-piece limited Georg SHH Edition II comes with a burgundy givree-finished silvered baseplate. Read more here.

Finally, Cvstos has 12 pieces of the Metropolitan PS Skeleton Sapphire SHH Edition specially created for this grand opening. This SHH Edition features a fully transparent sapphire case, which allows viewers the chance to admire the timepiece from all angles. Read more here.

Boutique location and launch date

The new SHH Pendulum boutique is located at M31A, M Floor, Siam Paragon, with the official opening on 7 September 2023.

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