This radical watch creator turned to advanced technology to measure what matters: time’s in suppressible flow. Overcoming the force of gravity, they set out to visualize the intrinsic motion of time using liquids. To trace the journey through past, present, and future that makes up life itself. Their happy ending is a continual new beginning. HYT succeeded in enabling soon to become now, always.

Sincere Fine Watches

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For HYT, the H0 watches epitomize a proven will to recognize the purity of source, continually rejuvenating the brand’s essential and transparent focus on the fluidity of time. A drop-like sapphire glass dome magnifies this “theater” and makes the fluids visible from all angles.

Sincere Fine Watches


HYT’s essential design vocabulary is clearly voiced by the H2.0. Time’s flow is expressed by smooth angles, fluid shaping and virtually no straight lines. Its core message is one of balance between heritage and innovation, warmth and cold, and the past and future that meet in the present.

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