Born in the Swiss Alps, NORQAIN is a family-owned and independent watch brand that dares to go its own way. Founded by Ben Küffer in 2018, NORQAIN was built on a solid foundation of family tradition with more than four decades of watchmaking history.

NORQAIN timepieces can be discovered at Sincere Fine Watches boutiques in Malaysia.

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NORQAIN has built a name for itself for its dedication to quality design, close eye for detail, and offering real value at an approachable price. Responsible commerce also inspires NORQAIN, with genuine efforts made towards being animal-cruelty free, CO2-neutral and philantrophy towards the needy.

Sincere Fine Watches


The Wild ONE watches features a unique case construction with separate top and bottom NORTEQ parts serving as a protective cage. Between these parts is a rubber bumper that holds the movement, reliably absorbing shocks for all activities. At only 84g, they are 50% lighter than a steel watch.

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