Reimagining the (Watchmaking) Universe: The New Greubel Forsey GMT Balancier Convexe

Date August 29, 2022
Author Sincere Watch

Could this be the return to geocentrism? With the release of the brand-new GMT Balancier Convexe, Greubel Forsey places the Earth back at the centre of its universe.

An Earthly Amphitheatre

The perfect titanium sphere – with its continents, seas and oceans – is one of the Atelier’s most emblematic creations. Just as the Earth rotates in real life, this sphere moves in a constant 24-hour rotation. It is showcased majestically, positioned at the very heart of an amphitheatre-like construction.

This amphitheatre is bordered by three rings which indicate two complementary times: the grey satin-finished ring and thin black outer ring displays the hours and minutes respectively; whereas the final ring helps showcase the GMT complication. Each time indication has its own hand, a red triangular tip filled with luminescent material. These hands move on two further rings, engraved with key words dear to the Atelier. Finally, an off-centre display at 10 o’clock indicates a second time zone with a blue gold hand.

The Calibre

Today, Greubel Forsey is dedicating a brand new calibre to the Terrestrial globe, decisively replacing all previous GMT models. For the first time, Greubel Forsey has incorporated its signature inclined balance wheel into a GMT calibre, which inclined at exactly 30°, appears to be in orbit around the Earth. A construction whose aesthetic architecture is matched only by its technical mastery, the GMT Balancier Convexe confirms Greubel Forsey’s resolutely contemporary approach to Fine Watchmaking.

The Caseback

Turning the timepiece around, Greubel Forsey has opted to keep the disc with 24 time zones – with each of the time zones represented by the corresponding reference cities. However, there has been an additional modification that many will deem to be highly appropriate: the UTC of Paris has been replaced by the city where Greubel Forsey has been established since its early days: La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

Hand Finishing Par Excellence

The beating heart of the timepiece, appreciated by collectors for its remarkable chronometric performance, is a spectacular sight. Once again, Greubel Forsey stuns with its level of fine craftsmanship. The 30° inclined balance wheel, held by a beautifully polished balance wheel bridge, seems to suspend in mid-air, whereas the small seconds, displayed on the right with a blue gold hand, helps complete the ensemble.

Finally, the inside of the case is polished so that it mirrors the escapement platform, the Terrestrial globe and nearly every element visible on the dial side, adding incredible depth to this new construction.


This theatrical composition takes place within Greubel Forsey’s signature convex case. Made of titanium, the case comes in with a diameter of 46.5mm around the bezel and 43.5mm around the caseband, hugging the curve of the wrist perfectly. It also represents the major technical feat of achieving a movement that follows an imperceptible slope of just a few degrees. The sapphire crystal and satin-finished bezel follow the same curved geometry, which extends onto either a titanium bracelet or a textured rubber strap.

The Greubel Forsey GMT Balancier Convexe will only be limited to 66 timepieces: 22 pieces will be produced each year between 2022 and 2024. Register your interest here or visit us to discover more.

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