TUDOR’s Feminine Collections: Where Elegance Meets Everyday Versatility

From work to weekend island getaways, TUDOR offers timepieces for ladies in an array of designs that suit any look and every occasion.

Date June 18, 2024
Brand Tudor
Author Sincere Watch

Each TUDOR collection brings something unique to the table, but they all have one thing in common: impeccable style that doesn’t skimp on functionality. Made with robust materials, detailed designs, and precise movements that keep you on schedule, TUDOR watches aren’t just accessories; they are trusty companions that see you through the daily grind and special moments.

Here’s another thing that TUDOR nails every time – it perfectly combines heritage and innovation with a sporty chic that feels both timeless and modern. But while the iconic Swiss brand has long been synonymous with handsomely rugged timepieces made for the adventurers at heart, it also shines in crafting stylish feminine timepieces.

As seen in its diverse range of collections, each one is made for the woman who does it all and wants her timepiece to keep up with her pace. So, whether you’re in the boardroom, at a weekend brunch, or anywhere in between, TUDOR’s got your back… and wrist.

Stylish, practical, and oh-so-chic, TUDOR’s ladies’ watches are about making every minute count, wrapped up in a package that’s as gorgeous as it is reliable. Here, we discover four incredible collections that offer more than just timepieces, but declarations of personality and panache.

TUDOR Royal: Your New Everyday Companion
First up, meet the epitome of sport-chic, the TUDOR Royal series. It’s a versatile, chic, and all-occasion timepiece that fits seamlessly into any setting. With options like an integrated steel bracelet or a luxurious bi-colour version with yellow gold that feels like it was made just for your wrist; multiple dial colours including two delicious shades of salmon and chocolate brown; the choice of a sleek notched bezel or one set with diamonds (because… why not?); and a self-winding mechanical heart that keeps you ticking on time, it’s a brilliant mix of performance and panache. And did we mention it’s available in four case sizes of 28, 34, 38 and 41mm?

Rooted in TUDOR’s heritage, it’s crafted for the modern woman who thrives on elegance but demands functionality. Whether you’re closing deals in the boardroom or snorkelling in the Maldives, the TUDOR Royal adapts effortlessly. Stylish, yet packed with technical sophistication, the watch also makes for a fantastic entry point into the world of luxury timepieces.

TUDOR 1926: Throwback Vibes with Modern Swank

If vintage charm is your jam, then the TUDOR 1926 collection is your soulmate. Named after the year that Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf created the brand TUDOR, this line-up is a heartfelt ode to the bygone era of classic watchmaking. Think of these watches as your sartorial bridge to yesteryear, with an unexpected twist of modern finesse.

Crafted in gleaming polished stainless steel or flashy steel-and-gold, and featuring a domed dial available in crisp white, serene opaline, or deep black, each watch sports an intricately embossed design that’ll catch any eye. And because TUDOR knows how to sprinkle just the right amount of sparkle, some models flaunt diamond-set hour markers at the odd numbers, adding a dash of glamour.

Plus, with four different sizes ranging from a petite 28mm to a chunkier 41mm, and the choice between two sleek bracelets and a laid-back brown leather strap, TUDOR ensures there’s a perfect match for everyone. And, if you’re into syncing styles with your partner, these watches are ideal for making every moment together a touch more special.

Black Bay 31/36/39/41: Combining Style with Substance
Here are perfect examples of TUDOR’s incredible knack for creating versatile watches that blend effortlessly into your lifestyle – the Black Bay 31/36/39/41 models, featuring dials inspired by the manufacture’s iconic divers’ watches from the 1950s. Straying slightly from the classic tool watch vibe, these beauties step into a more contemporary, and downright chic territory with cool dial colours like sexy anthracite and soft light champagne. Flaunting elegantly curved cases and a mix of finishes, they bring a contemporary edge that’s as fitting for the office as it is for the elegant cocktail bar. Plus, there’s the option of a diamond-set bezel for sizes 31, 36 and 39mm, a shiny detail that appeals to our inner magpie.

Diving deeper into the heart of the Black Bay watches, the Manufacture Calibre MT5201 is a game-changer. Developed specifically to power timepieces with smaller dimensions, this movement keeps things ticking smoothly under the hood. And get this: The large (MT56) and medium-sized (MT54) calibres in the family boast a power reserve that’s weekend-proof (that’s an amazing 70 hours). This means you can take your watch off on Friday night and slip it back on Monday morning without missing a beat. The MT5201 isn’t far behind, offering around 50 hours of power reserve for the smaller models.

Let’s talk about the bracelet for a second. It’s a five-link masterpiece in 316L steel, complete with a robust clasp and TUDOR’s T-fit rapid adjustment system – a nifty, no-tools-needed feature with five settings that allows you to fine-tune the fit by up to 8mm, ensuring your watch always sits perfectly.

Clair de Rose: Poetry on Your Wrist

Named after moonlight (clair de lune in French) and TUDOR’s historic rose logo, this collection is for the diehard romantics and dreamers. And the Clair de Rose isn’t just another collection from TUDOR; its deep-seated lineage traces back to the Art-Deco flair of the 1930s, when TUDOR used to craft intricate and ornate jewellery watches.

In April this year, the beloved line welcomed an updated iteration with a TUDOR Blue dial, which added a vibrant splash of colour to its timeless silhouette. Crafted with a nod to TUDOR’s rich heritage, the Clair de Rose stays true to its classic roots, while sporting gentle curves on its casing and a striking winding crown adorned with a blue spinel cabochon. However, the most striking feature of the Clair de Rose is its “beads of rice” stainless steel bracelet. Known for its dainty, expertly engineered links, the bracelet offers unmatched comfort and flexibility in addition to its polished finish that casts a radiant glow on any wrist.

Available in three ultra-wearable sizes – 26, 30, and 34mm – the collection’s classic opaline dial editions and new TUDOR blue dials are adorned with relief decorations. Set off by either blue lacquered Roman numerals or diamonds, the watches ensure that you’re met with a view of understated elegance every time you glance at the time. Each piece is powered by a self-winding movement, complete with a date function, and housed in sleek stainless steel.

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